S.T.A.R.S. Captain Dyson Atkinson set the phone back into it's cradle and leaned back in his chair, he was entirely to happy with himself he knew, but when one scores tickets to one of the major baseball games of the year one can be supremely smug. He was still day dreaming about spending his time at the ball park tomorrow afternoon when his second in command knocked on the door.

"Hey Cap, got a call for you," whipcord thin Monty Darson told him.

"Who is it Monty," he asked annoyed to have his day dream so rudely interrupted.

"Dunno Cap, Delilah couldn't get them to tell her," Monty said referring to the teams blonde haired too-perky radio specialist.

Atkinson sighed and took his feet off of his desk, "Tell her to patch it through Monty."

Monty nodded his head and went back through the main office and on into the computer and communications room.

The light on Dyson's phone popped on a few seconds later, picking up the phone he spoke into it, "This Captain Atkinson, what can I help you with," the expression on Dyson's face soured and he quickly stood up and shut his office door.

"Wonder what's going on in there," Mark Rinquist said pointing a thumb at the Captain's now shut office door.

"Dunno, don't care," his friend Dick Monroe said.

"Nice attitude Dick," Mark said.

Monroe just grunted and continued to thumb through the gun magazine he was reading.

Mark just shook his head at his friends blase attitude and went back to his game of solitaire.

Across the room the teams main driver and pilot Tabitha Keaton was having a heated conversation with her mother on the phone, "Look mom, I don't know when I'll be home, you'll just have to understand I'm a cop now and deal with it," listening to her mother for a few more seconds she slammed the phone down in frustration.

"Don't let it get to ya darlin," Don Keegan drawled in his Texas accent.

"Oh shut up Donny I didn't ask for you opinion."

Keegan practically swallowed the unlit cigarette sticking out of one corner of his mouth and went back to the parts requisition form he had been filling out.

In the police forensics lab down the hall Janice Garabaldi and Ellie Marston were going through some new chemical and medical equipment with the teams medic Joe Karawa.

"Hmm, this does look rather interesting," He said pawing through the compact medical bag that he had just finished putting together.

"Hey some new slides cool," Ellie said, "Now I can finish studying that stuff they call coffee in the cafeteria."

Janice chuckled at that and ran a hand through her raven black hair.

"Don't laugh that stuff is as thick as motor oil."

In the comm room of the S.T.A.R.S. office, Monty was asking Delilah about the mysterious call while Jack EagleFeather fiddled with the computer keyboard in front of him, his mind wondering as he finished typing in a report.

"I don't know how it was Monty but they sounded plenty scared," Delilah told him in her perky voice.

"Thank Delilah," he said and walked out of the room, "I swear someone could lace that girl's coffee with arsenic and cyanide and she would still cheerfully ask for two lumps of sugar, Monty thought amazed at the woman's perkiness.

Back in his office Dyson was listening intently to the person on the other end of the telephone line.

"You must listen to me, things have gotten out of hand at the Umbrella Facility in Tucson, please."

"You actually expect me to believe Zombies, Devil Dogs, and Giant Spiders are on the loose in Tucson," Dyson said trying to joke at the man, but he knew with a gut feeling he wasn't lying, especially after reading the reports from the S.T.A.R.S. team in Racoon City.

"Please you must be...aaaaggghhhh," the man's words were cut off as he screamed horribly and then the phone started beeping in Dyson's ear as the line was cut off.

"What the hell," he said and tapped the hook several times getting nothing but a dead line.

There was a sharp knock at the office door and Monty poked his head in, "Is something wrong Captain, Delilah told me that your call was cut off abruptly."

"Monty get everyone geared up and ready to go, we're going to Tucson," Dyson said grimly.

"Yes Sir, what should I tell the others sir," Monty inquired?

"Nothing I'll brief them myself," he said and picked the phone back up turning away from Monty.

Dyson paced his office restlessly he had already changed into his vest and had put on his web belt holding his Colt 1991A1 .45 as well as a small medkit, spare magazines, a small flashlight, a combat knife, and various items that he deemed necessary. On the desk lay his H&K MP-5K the flash suppressor's dark muzzle looked menacing for such a small gun, there were two 30-round magazines clipped together sticking out of it's belly making it an efficient and deadly killing machine, four more magazines were in pouches on his belt.

In the main office of the S.T.A.R.S. area Dick Monroe was carefully loading rounds into magazines for his sidearm, unlike the other team members who carried 9mm handguns, he carried a Wildey chambered for .45 winchester magnums, the powerful handgun could stop just about anything, he also had a Colt XM177EI laying on his desk with a musette bag holding three spare magazines, he like the Commando as it was sometimes called, it fired the same 5.56mm rounds as the M-16-A2 H-Bar but was more compact and lightweight, it also used the same Magazines as well.

Mark Rindquist was staring at himself in the mirror in the men's upstairs bathroom, his eyes had dark smudges under them and he felt drained, he hadn't gotten much sleep in the past week and had been plagued with horrible dreams the entire time, sighing he stepped back and picked his gun belt up off the porcelain sink and belted the pair of Beretta M-93Rs around his waist and made sure that he had plenty of spare magazines, he had left his Remington 870 shotgun on the desk in the STARS office when he had come in here to check himself.

Delilah Kee was just bubbling over with excitement at her first chance at a combat mission while she sat in the comm room, and Jack EagleFeather had to keep reminding her of things as he packed his portable computer away and fastened the straps on his vest, he was the Team's computer expert but he was also the main pilot for Bravo Team, which was made up of him, Delilah, Joe, Monty, and Ellie.

Down in the stations basement armory, Don, Monty, and Tabitha were getting spare ammunition for their weapons, each of them carried a Beretta 9mm, and Monty and Tabitha had Remington 870s while Don had his H&K G-3, the large starlight scope on top making it a rather bulky thing, but it was a good gun and fired the large 7.62mm cartridge that could take down most men at over 1000 feet. "Where the heck is that box of shotgun slings I saw the other day," Tabitha said annoyed, unlike the rest of the team Tabitha didn't see much action being the main pilot for Alpha Team.

"Settle down Tabitha," Monty admonished as he finished putting a half dozen rifled slug shells into one of the pockets of his vest.

"I will when those jerkweed hicks that they call cops in this town stop messing with things," she seethed.

Monty knew Tabitha had a short fuse, and tried his best to always defuse it before it got her into trouble.

"I found ´┐Żem," Don drawled pulling the small cardboard box out of one of the weapons lockers, he had just finished loading three magazines for his gun when he had been looking for cloth to wipe the rifle down and had stumbled across them.

"Thanks Don," Tabitha said and then she apologized for snapping at him earlier.

"Don't think anything of it darlin," he said.

Janice and Ellie were in the woman's bathroom changing clothes and gearing up, they both had Beretta 9mms and Remington 870s and both knew how to use them.

Finally after everyone was ready and reassembled in the main STARS office, Dyson came out of his office and addressed them.

"Alright folks, we may have a bit of a situation here, we got a call from someone out at the Umbrella plant in Tucson, I'm not sure what's going on out there, but my call was cut off short, and it may be a terrorist act or something similar to that."

"Now, Monty and Don are going to go with me in the Jeep, Tabitha will fly the rest of you out there in helicopter one, I want you to proceed ahead of us and land at the pad but stay in the copter until you hear something from me," Dyson said surveying them, "Any questions."

Tabitha raised her hand.

"Yes Miss Keaton," Dyson said sourly knowing what was coming.

"Will we get to kick some ass, Sir," she asked a wicked grin on her face.

"Most likely Tabitha we will, any others," Dyson said giving them a dirty look that said he didn't want to hear anymore.

"Alright then, move out people," he ordered.

"The eleven people in the small room scrambled out the door, the majority heading for the helicopter pad on the top of the five story building, Monty and Don followed Dyson down to the motorpool and they jumped into one of the Team's jeeps.