Chapter One: Survival.

The black van glided to a halt on the sandy shoulder of the back road that ran through the countryside of Raccoon City.

Jay turned the key and didn't even get a click from the solenoid.

Before getting out of the van Jay popped the glove box open and pulled a Glock 19 9mm pistol out and jacked a round into the chamber.

Jay pushed down on the door handle and hauled himself out of the van; reaching back in he pulled the hood release.

Jay walked around to the front of the van and propped the hood up and leaned into the engine compartment and saw that the starter wire had been chewed through.

Backing up he considered the wire. Jay wasn't in the mood to work on the van and it was almost dark and he also remembered a police sub-station a quarter of a mile back.


Jay whirled around and saw a figure coming towards him. With the trees on either side of the road blocking out the light it was hard to make out the person walking towards him.

Scratch that, he thought to himself, more like a shuffling limp.

Jay walked towards the figure and was about to ask if he needed help; but stopped dead in his tracks as a ray of fading sunlight stabbed through the canopy and illuminated the figure.

Jay cussed and pulled the 9mm out.

The sunlight had illuminated a bloody figure with flesh gnawed to the bone in some places and the right eye dangled by the optic nerve on the cheek.

Jay fired three times into it's chest but it didn't slow it down even. Jay adjusted his aim and put a 9mm hollowpoint through its head.

The 9mm round left a neat black hole in the center of the zombies forehead and made an even larger one as the hollowpoint expanded scrubbing the brain pan clean and a mist of brain, tissue, bone and blood spewed from the back of its head.

Jay spun around and ran back to the van; he slammed the hood down and got in crawling to the back he put a web belt on a 10" Cold Steel Magnum Tanto on his left hip balancing the Glock that now sat in a holster on his right.

Jay opened a cabinet on the wall and pulled out two fully loaded 19-round magazines and stuffed them in his hip pocket and climbed out the back door.

Jay pulled his keychain out and punched a button; a bip-bwip was followed by the clunk of the door locks.

Jay paced himself as he ran to the sub-station; in the small parking lot a Caprice Classic Police Cruiser was rammed up against the concrete wall of the four car garage.

Jay jogged over and looked in the car; the man lay slumped over the steering wheel dead. The officer's side arm was missing but a sawed off Remington 870 was laying on the other side of his body. Unfortunately the way the car was sitting Jay would have to reach over the dead man to reach it.

As Jay reached acrossed for the shotgun the man lurched up and made a grab for his arm. Like lightning Jay slid his Tanto out and shoved it in the man's ear and twisted. Jay heard the crunch of cartilage as the blade made a red-gray gruel of the deadman's brain.

Jay wiped the blade off and slid it back in it's sheath and plucked the 12-gauge off of the seat.

Jay stood there for a second and shucked the remaining shells out of the sawed off. Just great only three shells left; the shotgun had a five round capacity; the man must have used the other two before dying.

Jay reloaded the shotgun and cradled it in his right hand as he entered the sub-station. He did a quick search of the place and found four more dead officer's all with either heads missing or their throats ripped out.

Well at least none of these ones will be coming back to haunt me, Jay grimaced at the gruesome thought.

Jay locked an bolted all of the doors and shut the heavy metal security shutters on all of the windows and started searching the small building more in depth.

Jay came to a closet in what used to be the commanding officer's office and opened it and was startled as a shape hurtled out at him wielding a pipe.